Brand Endorsements

Since 2015, ShopWorn has served as a partner to brands and authorized retailers needing a sustainable and controlled platform for their remaining inventory of past season's merchandise. In that time, we have built invaluable relationships defined by our unwavering commitment to trust, transparency and maintaining the health of the retail industry.

As ShopWorn continues to grow, our purpose grows with it as we become part of the natural evolution of the luxury retail cycle. As more customers consider first the environmental impact of their shopping, ShopWorn has become for them a destination to find guaranteed authentic luxury items that were recycled and given new life on ShopWorn rather than destroyed.

We’re honored to be able to contribute to the environmental mandates of our partners and are proud of the endorsements they’ve given us as a result. To both our customers and brand partners, we will continue to do good.

Larry Birnbaum, CEO ShopWorn

"When you look at an Amáli piece, you’re looking at a design which first and foremost originated from a need to create something beautiful, unique, artistic. Our pieces are designed to be wearable art, where your lobes, decolletage, wrists and fingers serve as backdrops for which that art can be displayed. Understanding this also means understanding the immense value we find in our relationship with ShopWorn.

ShopWorn has given us a new gallery, so to speak, where collectors we never knew before hav become part of both our past and our future. Through ShopWorn, collections throughout Amáli’s entire existence are being rediscovered by this new set of collectors. This is our past. For our future, we have a supportive partner in ShopWorn in knowing that whatever we create now and beyond will always find a collector that embraces it. This gives us freedom to create without boundaries, exalting the artistic spirit in which Amáli was founded."

— Sara Freedenfeld, Owner and Designer | Amáli

"Suzanne Kalan was founded on the mission that the jewelry we create will live on for generations. It is our promise to our customers that the piece they own will also be owned by their daughters, granddaughters and beyond. We create from this place of innovation, elegance, family and beauty.  To own one of our pieces is to immediately understand how these words fit into our ethos.

Yet in focusing on generations, we must also acknowledge generational changes and what we leave behind, so we don’t fall victim to the waste created today.

Our partnership with ShopWorn emphasizes our understanding of the future and so we are proud to supply ShopWorn with our past seasons’ unsold merchandise."

— Suzanne Kalan, Founder and Design Director | Suzanne Kalan

"Our motto, 'You don’t have to be the best at everything, you just have to be the best at what you do,' offers a glimpse into the driving force of our company. With each jewelry creation, we strive to offer our customers something uniquely different and even more desirable than our last. Our eyes are always firmly locked on being the best – from our classic and contemporary designs to relationships with our customers or in choosing who we partner with to promote the ALOR name.

When we learned of ShopWorn’s customer-centric business model and its operational vision for reducing waste in our industry, we knew we’d found a parallel company who understands being the best at what you do.  No one in the jewelry industry wants to be blamed by future generations for not doing what they could, what they should, to have limited environmental waste. ShopWorn absolves us of this, introducing us to previously unreached customers who are happy to own what remains from our past designs, and keeping the circular economy moving.

When you operate from a place of being the best, you never have to worry about your legacy. Your legacy becomes the right decisions, the right actions you took to make the world the best place for everyone."

— Ori Zemer, Principal and Owner | ALOR

Stainless Steel Fine Contemporary Jewelry

"Today’s cosmopolitan woman is aware of our responsibility to the environment as we at Bavna have an enduring respect and awe for nature. In this vein, we view our partnership with ShopWorn as a necessity in protecting both the natural environment and honoring the eco-conscious wishes of our valued customers. 

Our designs are created to be timeless, odes to Mother Earth and her infinite gifts of stones that find their way into our collections. For every season where a few pieces remain, ShopWorn has been the ideal partner in helping us find new customers who appreciate the quality of maturity as truly being ageless when the craftsmanship is evident. We are all bound to this earth, and whatever we can do to ensure our creations never go to waste is an important consideration for our company.  ShopWorn has become that resolution. "

— Sunny Jane, Designer and CEO | Bavna


"Inherit in every Mimi Milano design is the luxury of simplicity, feminine designs that encourage every woman to simply be herself and be treasured for who she is. In this philosophy, we aim to create luxurious designs for the stylish, independent woman who chooses her jewelry as carefully as she chooses her perfume.  We have been introduced to more of these women through our partnership with ShopWorn, where our timeless creations from previous collections have found a new and passionate audience. 

ShopWorn has allowed Mimi Milano to expand our customer circle as women who weren’t familiar with the brand before now know our name and our creative history.  As a company who takes pride in offering the very best in design, whether the creations are from today or from twenty years ago, we are delighted by ShopWorn’s ability to showcase the historical breadth of our products to an open and receptive clientele. "

— Fausto Broggian, Owner | Mimi Milano

"When one becomes initiated into the world of Montegrappa, they first learn our existence is purely for those who savor the luxury of slowing time down through the seductive art of handwriting. Such is our motif, where tradition can never be lost in the passing of time, and innovation only serves to build further on the original tradition.

In ShopWorn, we find the consummate partner in its own motif of respect for what has come before. While some may portray pens as relics of former days, ShopWorn continues to introduce Montegrappa to a sophisticated elite who relish in our vast portfolio of creations from years gone by. Our fruitful partnership with ShopWorn further gives evidence to the timelessness of Montegrappa fine writing instruments."

— Giuseppe Aquila, CEO | Montegrappa

"For the watch industry, it is always imperative that you choose your partners carefully.  You want a partner that not only understands the importance of your reputation but also is committed to honoring all aspects of your agreement without deviation. When we were introduced to ShopWorn – with its growing endorsements from other well-respected brands – we realized we had found such a partner, especially now in an age where destroying excess inventory to safeguard the brand can no longer be an option. 

As HYT continues to pursue invention and excellence in horology, ShopWorn has introduced us to a new, enthusiastic clientele who appreciates innovation, no matter its origination. We are pleased to be working with a revolutionary platform such as ShopWorn that understands true haute horlogerie is timeless. "

— Davide Cerrato, CEO | HYT

"It’s refreshing to work with a company that embodies the concept of partnership throughout every interaction. ShopWorn is such a company, standing behind their promises and commitments to us without exception. While we began working with ShopWorn to find an avenue for our available resting Konstantino inventory, we’re now seeing how ShopWorn can be much more for us as a company. 

Sustainability, of course, is an important issue, where ShopWorn makes it possible for us to re-submit previous collections back into the retail cycle. Also notable is the opportunity for us to experiment creatively with our designs, knowing that our relationship with ShopWorn assures there will always be customers for our pieces regardless of when they are introduced.  We’re excited to be working with such a progressive company whose business model is exposing Konstantino to new customers that understand visionary design is timeless. "

— Konstantino Sioulas, Owner | Konstantino


"Luminox has been at the forefront of sustainability for almost 50 years. Since 1973, we have been focused in decreasing our impact in the environment taking all the needed actions that have driven us to be one of the most environment protecting watch companies. We, at Luminox, have been working very hard to reduce the CO2 emissions, the material impact in the sea and our work effect in the environment. In this direction, our relationship with ShopWorn is incredibly valuable.  

We started the watch recycling as a pilot program, but we really wanted to push on a reliable push on the impact reduction in the environment.  ShopWorn offers the next best thing to destroying or dismantling excess inventory. The company is a resource for us to advance our focus on sustainability as we recycle our past season’s merchandise through the platform, giving our prior inventory new life and a new audience.  ShopWorn is a great partner for any company who understands the importance offsetting their environmental footprint. "

— Luis Sole, CEO North America | Luminox

Luminox Endorsement

"Piero Milano is a family business that has always looked further into the future, even as we create exquisite jewelry pieces designed to be worn forever. Intrinsic to the design of every jewel that bears our name is a legacy meant to delight throughout the passing of time. What the Maison made two, five or 50 years ago remains forever relevant.

Our partnership with ShopWorn strengthens that relevance as ShopWorn customers discover Piero Milano – often for the first time – through one of our legacy jewelry collections. ShopWorn has provided us a global platform to exhibit the breadth of the Piero Milano portfolio, unencumbered by seasons or timelines."

— Andrea Milano, CEO | Piero Milano

"Our partnership with ShopWorn over the last year has proven successful on two fronts that are imperative to our company’s values: it aids in our mission to maximize sustainability and minimize waste, while introducing our product to consumers who may not be able to afford luxury goods at luxury price points."

— Kareem Gahed, CEO | John Hardy

John Hardy Endorsement

"ShopWorn is a key contributor to the economic development of luxury watchmaking in the USA. Building a trustworthy digital platform and collaborating with them to create a win-win-win situation helps the brand and retailers to keep the market clean and supply at optimal cost.

Effectively keeping the market a jour and offering the brand added value for their clients, Shopworn points out the need to transform the business of luxury goods."

— Eric Loth, Founder | Graham Watches

Graham Brand Endorsement

"Sophisticated style and elegance is at the very core of Bliss as we create stunning jewelry using innovative materials and timeless design for both men and women to celebrate their personality and unique authenticity. Working with a partner such as ShopWorn has allowed us access to a farreaching audience that appreciates the infiniteness of our designs. What we created one, two or even five years ago finds receptive patrons on ShopWorn, where the clientele understands innovation in jewelry design shouldn’t be limited to a specific period.

As seasons change and new designs are developed, everything is still Bliss, no matter the season it was first presented. We treasure ShopWorn customers for believing this as well, and value the platform for introducing us to a forum where Bliss can truly be eternal."

— Sergio Zioni, Managing Director | BLISS

"When we were introduced to the concept of ShopWorn, we realized this was a company able to represent the Nancy Gonzalez name while maintaining our luxury and exclusivity status. In working with ShopWorn, we’ve seen how dedicated they are to ensuring their customers understand that although their prices are below established retail prices, this in no way reflects the luxury image of our name. They continue to deliver on this message with aggressive public relations activities that have shown us how much they value our business.

We look forward to a long relationship with ShopWorn, a company that truly believes in partnership, transparency and delivering value for all who do business with them."

— Nancy Gonzalez, Creative Director | Nancy Gonzalez

Nancy Gonzalez Endorsement
"ShopWorn’s transparency and dedication to upholding the integrity of Philip Stein’s brand reputation has created a trusted ally for us to safely, responsibly and sustainably introduce our past season’s inventory to an audience that may have missed the items upon first launch.  ShopWorn has allowed us to effectively control our inventory as we recognize the future of sustainable retail aligns with the company’s vision for keeping aged collections still relevant in the eyes of consumers."

— Will A. Stein, Co-Founder/President | Philip Stein

Philip Stein Endorsement

"For us and our customers, owning a DeWitt watch means entering a world of dignity, tradition and beauty. We have long prided ourselves on creating beautiful masterpieces that satisfy every wit and whim of our elite clientele. Yet the challenges that come from sparing no detail in achieving the highest of horology is the spare components once a DeWitt timepiece is completed.  This is where our relationship with ShopWorn has become a valuable part of our business as we continue to explore our environmental impact. 

Through ShopWorn, we are able to ensure fewer unused components at the end of every production season. Once our primary clientele orders have been satisfied, we then deliver to ShopWorn customers exceptional DeWitt timepieces that allow us to advance our ingenuity in watchmaking while focusing on zero waste. Sustainability in watchmaking isn’t impossible – you must only have the right partner to achieve it.  For us, ShopWorn has been that partner."

— Cyril Guérin, Product Director | Dewitt