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No watch company is linked more to the American railroad industry than BALL. Timekeeping accuracy became paramount to avoid train collisions in the 19th century, like the devastating 1891 head-on collision in Ohio, which resulted from a four-minute discrepancy on a conductor’s watch. Webb C. Ball founded the company that same year in Cleveland, Ohio with a mission to bring consistent accuracy and safety to American railroads, soon becoming the Chief Time Inspector. He established the “RR Standard” of strict criteria to ensure that all railroad workers had the most accurate timepieces. These measures inspired comparable standards, such as the Swiss Official Testing Institute (COSC). The common phrase “get on the ball” even started with the company. Today, BALL is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and continues its classic, industrial design language that’s faithful to the “RR Standard” from over a century ago. The brand’s motto remains, “Accuracy under adverse conditions.”

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