In 1921, three brothers invested all their savings into importing Swiss watch movements to manufacture their own timepieces. Thus, Benrus was born and got straight to work making its name through celebrity endorsements. For instance, a campaign starring internationally renowned pilot Charles Lindbergh lead to the creation of the Airman – the official watch of United Airlines in 1929. John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, was gifted a classy custom-made piece with a special engraving on the back. Even the baseball legend Babe Ruth was spotted wearing a durable Benrus sports watch. Though Benrus has proven its ability to manufacture a diverse variety of styles, the century-old icon found a home with the U.S. military. The Sea Lord, DTU-2A Vietnam Field Watch, and The Benrus Type I & II are just a few of the many beloved favorites used by military personnel throughout history. Today, Benrus has expanded beyond the military and makes pieces to honor everyday heroes.

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