No brand exudes exclusivity quite like deLaCour. Even its name features a unique blend of upper and lowercase letters in order to convey an air of nobility. deLaCour prides itself on manufacturing pieces that reflect individuality, innovation, and independence. deLaCour’s first piece, the Bichrono, is a perfect reflection of these core values. Launched in 2003, the Bichrono uses two separate chronograph movements to power two different time zones encased in an oversized tonneau shaped case. This unique design earned itself a nomination for best design at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix and has paved the way for future deLaCour timepieces. Following in the Bichrono’s theme of duality, delaCour’s “Since Tomorrow” slogan embodies a philosophy to create pieces that are classic yet avant-garde, traditional but inventive, and timeless though futuristic. deLaCour watches are truly made for those with a passion for the eccentric.

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