Karl Lagerfeld Paris

Karl Lagerfeld Paris

Karl Lagerfeld earned his status as a legend in the fashion industry by making his enigmatic and eccentric style easily accessible to the public. Defined by combining the grace of Paris with a rock-chic edge, Karl Lagerfeld pieces are designed to capture the creative curiosity of their namesake. From ready-to-wear clothes to contemporary accessories, each collection embodies Karl Lagerfeld’s motto to “embrace the present and invest in the future.” For instance, KARL LAGERFELD Paris bags add novel accents to modern silhouettes, creating timeless sensations. The trendy shapes featured in the recognizable Signature Collection are embellished by the founder’s signature, while others may be decorated by cute charms or striking patterns. With over 200 brand stores in almost 100 countries, there is an outstanding Karl Lagerfeld piece for everyone.


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