Luca Carati

Luca Carati

Luca Carati is the brainchild of Mauro Marcalli, an experienced diamond industry connoisseur with a rich history in goldsmith traditions. His eye for exquisite gemstones and knowledge of tried-and-true goldsmith techniques has led to the creation of luxurious high quality pieces. The combination of carefully crafted gold and beautiful diamonds has brought Luca Carati jewelry international renown. The Luca Carati logo features a strong sun overlapping a crescent moon representing the fusion of durable gold and delicate diamonds: polar opposites coming together to form an extraordinary sight to behold. Luca Carati continues to uphold this passion for pairing lustrous diamonds and masterful goldsmithing with the help of Mauro’s son, Carlo Marcalli. In the Luca Carati spirit of honoring the past, each piece is designed to capture an everlasting elegance for current and future generations alike.


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