Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Maurice Lacroix was founded in 1975 after Desco von Schulthess (founded in 1889) began producing watches under the brand’s name. Casemaker Queloz S.A. was later acquired in 1989, allowing the brand to produce most elements in-house. Maurice Lacroix became fully independent in 2001. The ML106 hand-wound chronograph was produced in-house in 2006, establishing the brand as a true Manufacture. Today, the Masterpiece and AIKON collections are the most popular with the signature Square Wheel line really highlighting the brand. Launched in 2010, a square and clover-shaped gear mesh together on the dial for a unique mechanical presentation. Retrograde displays are also common in many watches. The brand specializes in sports and dress watches with advancements like silicon escapements and floating seconds.


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