Speake Marin

Speake Marin

Speake Marin was founded by English watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin in 2002 with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Always a high-end brand, the watch portfolio evolved from time-only pieces to ones featuring engraved and complex dials, and complications like tourbillons, jumping hours, perpetual calendars and minute repeaters. The original Speake Marin watch was actually a tourbillon pocket watch called the Foundation Watch as it formed the blueprint for future designs. His first wristwatch line was the Piccadilly with a distinct case named after Piccadilly, London where he worked as a watch restorer. This Piccadilly case with bold screwed lugs and a pleated crown is used for all current models. The brand has also collaborated with industry giants including Harry Winston, MB&F and Roger Dubuis. Christelle Rosnoblet became the CEO in 2012 and invested in new in-house movements, all of which are exclusively used today.

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