Stephen Dweck

Stephen Dweck

Stephen Dweck Jewelry, founded in 1981, showcases Stephen’s passion for sculpting and carving by transforming simple gemstones into wearable artwork. Taking inspiration from the stunning colors found in nature, Stephen incorporates a range of gemstones into all his pieces. The TerrAquatic collection honors the deep browns of sand with labradorite, the soft pinks of the sunset with quartz, and the shimmering blues of the sea with topaz. The shine of multi-colored pearls produced by the ocean’s oysters are highlighted with detailed sterling silver in the Pearlicious collection. Nature's patterns such as leaves, flowers, and snowflakes are intricately carved on a mother of pearl surface in the Carventurous collection. However, Stephen Dweck’s pride and joy, the Garden of Stephen, is a collection that underscores the Earth’s innate beauty by adapting a minimalist design that focuses solely on the gemstones.


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