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ShopWorn is the only ecommerce website exclusively selling designer store-display model watches, jewelry, and accessories sourced from brands and authorized dealers around the world. All items have never been pre-owned and have only been gently handled in-store.

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"I just picked up my package this morning. I must say, what an absolutely astoundingly professional business you are running. This watch may as well have been brand new the way you packaged, presented, included warranty papers, and have been quick to communicate. I wish I could give you 20 stars! I will certainly be browsing your inventory in the future when I am looking for a new watch. I feel that I got a great price and obviously you guys know what you are doing and take pride in it! Thank you again, I couldn't possibly be happier."

Steve S.

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"Whatever you have read about Shopworn, it understates how good this company is. The Graham watch that I purchased was pristine, as good any I have purchased directly from brick and mortar retailers. The piece was in the high quality protective plastic, and had no blemishes at all. Really perfect. The preparation and presentation was also excellent. I received original box and papers, as well as a leather travel pouch The box and papers are also in excellent condition, better than I have received when I purchase at a retailer. Shopworn has now become the first place I shop when I am looking for a new, high end timepiece."

Daniel K.

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