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Our Story

  ShopWorn is the only eCommerce website exclusively selling designer display-model watches, jewelry, and accessories sourced from authorized retailers around the world. The concept is that of a luxury trunk show with website merchandise constantly being updated. All products have never been pre-owned and have only been gently handled in-store. Before being uploaded to, all products must pass a thorough inspection process.   Each piece is sourced directly from the showcases of the world’s finest retail boutiques, presenting an ever-changing collection of true luxury items fit to dazzle the dapper collector, the generous gift-giver, or the elite style maven. This unique concept grants insider access to fine Swiss watches, jewelry, writing instruments, and other luxury accessories at a discounted price unavailable anywhere else.  



What is a “Shopworn” item?

  A shopworn item has been used primarily for display in authorized retail stores, and is sourced directly from the showcases of the world’s finest retailers and boutiques. The origin and manufacture of these products is guaranteed authentic. ShopWorn’s authentic accessories are never pre-owned, only gently handled in-store, without compromising quality, condition, or style.  
How Shopworn Began
The ShopWorn team consists of a group of watch and luxury experts with decades of experience in the industry. We are curators of luxury goods. Nothing brings us greater joy than passing along excellent deals to our customers.

If you have any questions about our watches, our service, or our mission, please contact us and a ShopWorn Customer Care Representative will respond as soon as possible.